What is Develop2D?

Develop your skills and play for value!

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You are a tank!
Your goal is to thrive in this digital environment.
After all, your mind will be the most powerful weapon here.
Use your controls wisely.
Develop2D is a 2D, top-down tank shooter game,
used for practicing coordination and reaction time
for improving decision making in hectic moments.
By using your tank, you must defend yourself
at all costs!

The survivor at the end will be crowned the victor.
Easy enough? Well, now the spicy part.
Matches can be hosted for value once any player is ready to turn their skill into value.

(Here is an Example: A player decides to host a match for $ 0.01.
All contestants that will join his match require a balance of $ 0.01.
Once his lobby is full of people, the match starts.
let's say, the player has an amazing match and wins!
His initial value is now multiplied by x3.
After the match and a small review period,
The player is then awarded his $0.03).

I created Develop2D to enable gamers
a platform where their skill can be directly accommodated
for real world value.
With that being said, you can earn real money if you successfully win the match.
After the game is reviewed
and no speculations or evidence of cheating is found.
The winner is shortly after awarded the value.

Time to start developing those skills!