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VN Card?

We program these cards with custom data that you provide with your order.
With the card, you are then able to open any type of media content upon tapping the card on a smart phone.
We use this technology to give anyone the ability to upgrade their networking ability.

By using this card, stand out and become more unique for your next social interaction.
An example of using the card: A content creator wants to upgrade showcasing their creations.
We program your card, ship it to you via mail, and you receive the card.
Now you are ready to go!
Just simply, tap the card on any newer model smart phone whilst the phone is unlocked.

Our Available Custom Features:

What is a VN Card?

Same size as a credit or debit card that contains data that can be read with a smart phone.
Our VN Card are capable to be re-programmed as well!

Depending on what you would like on the cards, we provide free estimates/consultations. Our goal at VINMAN is to provide the best custom experience!

How to use a VN Card?

Just simply approach a smart phone with the VN card. Typically, the back or top of the phone.

Simply wait a moment while the phone is unlocked with the card touching the phone. A push notification with then be sent to the phone to open the data.


Here are the following specification for our VN card:

Storage Size : 504 Bytes
Customizable: Yes,
Just call and ask (514) - 549 - 4622

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